local outreach

Shults-Lewis Child and Family Services

photo_shultzlewisShults-Lewis is a treatment program for struggling teens and their families. It is a residential environment, staffed by Christian houseparents and counselors. Their Annual Day and golf outings are supported by this church family.

Food Pantry

The West Chicago Church of Christ maintains a Food Pantry for the West Chicago community and for the Winfield Township. If you would like to make an appointment to pick up food, please call 630-231-2062.

Living Room Cafe

The West Chicago Church of Christ helps to cook and serve a meal once each month for the Living Room Cafe at 64th and Cottage Grove in Chicago. The LRC is part of the Inspiration Corporation, a nationally-known outreach program in Chicago.

Teen Parent Connection

TPC provides training and support for parents who are teens. The group meets each week at the West Chicago Church of Christ. Members of our church provide and serve a meal for the participants and staff.

Franciscan Court

photo_franciscancourt02Franciscan Court is a privately owned assisted living community located at the corner of Route 59 and Route 64. Weekly Bible studies are led by Chuck Miller, Don Brewster and Sally Hearn on Wednesdays starting at 1:30 p.m.